The Art of Your (& Nancy’s) Story…

I recently finished a short promo film  for the LifeBooth website called “The Art of Your Story.” All of the photographs in the film, including the tickets and documents have come from Nancy’s album. I’m hoping to make a dedicated short film about her photographs in the future and send it to the local newspaper up in Stockton Upon Tees in the North of England (where she was from) ~ in the hope they may run a story and it will help me trace her. My own research has unfortunately run aground.

This film was shot as a “try-and-inspire-you” short for the website.

I find that filming “within” photographs using a macro lens works really well. Whilst there is an issue of “camera jitter” which I minimise best I can, the lens I use often brings a depth of field within the images which I love. It seems to make the images kind of come alive. I’ve been using this technique within recent biographies for clients and have had great feedback.

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy it! I’m hoping that posting it to the blog here will motivate me to add some more video content in the future.

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