I made this film a couple of days ago in Cheltenham after being determined not to miss the yearly display of blossom that peppers the town. This area, Berkeley Place, is perhaps one of the nicest places to see it in the town (to my knowledge at least). It made me think of Japan whilst I was filming~ because of the film Lost in Translation. The music to the film is Girls by Kevin Shields, and is from the Lost in Translation soundtrack.

Today they announced that number of deaths from the Japanese Tsunami could reach 27,000. As I said to a friend of mine today who has family there, that kind of loss is hard to comprehend. He asked me if I would be okay with him putting the film on his website, Engage Japan, as a dedication which, of course, was more than okay with me.

I don’t know why I’ve always associated blossom with Japan. It’s not just because of Lost in Translation ~ I think it’s one of those things with visual culture where you simply see it so often when Japan is on the tv or in a film. I actually thought that the cherry blossom may have been the national flower of Japan ~ but it’s the Chrysanthemum. Anyway, I know this won’t be read or watched by many, but I just wanted to write that symbols can be important in connecting what is on our own front doorstep to things going on thousands of miles away. I was thinking of the Japanese people when I filmed and edited this, and I think of them when I watch it. I stopped myself from dedicating it on my Vimeo page because people see that sort of thing as pretentious or trying to raise your profile through the suffering of others. None of that is true.

For what it’s worth, this is for them.


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